12 responses to ““Let’s Pizza”, Pizza Vending Machines Melting Their Way Into The U.S.”

  1. cindy A.

    This Is TOTALLY AWESOME!!! I wish that they will come to south texas in the near future!!!

  2. haley

    lets get one of these in kentucky plz

  3. mrjuandrful

    I’m sure Kentucky is lacking a bit more than just these vending machines. How about running water?

  4. Daniel Perez

    I’m hoping the quality of the pizza will be more like DiGorno and less like Tony’s.

  5. mrjuandrful

    babylinda :

    Haley do not listen to this clown! Why, Kentucky has given us one of the most delicious and precious things in this world! Fried Chicken! Don’t you dare mock Kentucky and it’s KFC Juan! Just don’t!

    Everyone knows KFC’s secret. It’s their lack of a proper sewage system.

    Popeye would kick the everliving crap out of the Colonel!

  6. michelemybelle

    “sigh”……………. being half Italian and living in Bensonhurst Brooklyn NYC home of the best pizza (aside from Italy of course)I have my doubts it will taste much better than cardboard with ketchup and cheez whiz on it ….Barf….

  7. mrjuandrful

    if your other half was Sicilian, then you’d have a case ;)

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