“Let’s Pizza”, Pizza Vending Machines Melting Their Way Into The U.S.

Oh, man this is a dream come true! Do you know how long you have to wait at comicons and anime conventions just for a freaking slice of pizza!  Way to long, about 40 minutes long, as you wait with 50 oily teenagers in front of you! Well do not fret my pets, the future of pizza is well, almost here! Claudio Torghele is the inventor of the “Let’s Pizza” vending machine and they are sprouting all over Italy. Italy is well known for their delicious pizza, so good choice of starting it there! Not only is the pizza fresh and delicious, it is done it 2.5 minutes flat!

That is something that would put Dominoe’s 30 minutes or less campaign which started back in the 1970s, to shame! One thing I know is this would be very convenient in schools, NYC streets, hospitals and maybe even doctor’s offices. Ok, but sometimes I wait three hours at doctor’s offices and have to skip dinner! Heck, what if ever geek could own their own at their house! How awesome would that be when friends come over! I will have to make a profit, so you best believe I am charging them $6 a pie, come on the economy is rough!  The pie will really, cost around $4.50 depending on variety! Make mine pepperoni please!


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