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Mezco Batman Mez-Itz Event 2013


 On Tuesday June 25th, 2013 at Ripley’s Believe or Not!, in the heart of Times Square, hosted the Mezco Batman Mez-Itz Toyz reveal. This toy reveal, coming off the heels of last years successful “The Dark Knight Rises”, brought a lot of nostalgia back to older fans and gave newer fans of Batman something new …

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MLB 12 The Show’s New Home for Jose Reyes, Marlins Park

In case you’ve been living under a rock you may have heard that the Marlins beefed up their team with a little known player names, Jose Reyes.  And if you also didn’t know, they don’t play in Pro Player stadium anymore.  Here’s a glimpse at the new Marlins Park in sunny South Beach Florida.  Along for the ride are newly aquired Marlins Heath Bell and Mark Buehrle.  Welcome to Miami, Bienvenidos ah Miami.. party in the city….

Grand Theft Auto V Trailer With In-Game Details.

You’ve waited, we waited. Its here. Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer #1 The first official trailer for GTAV. What’s to notice? Watch the trailer, then come back for additional game details…

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Modern Warfare 3 Spec-Ops “Survival Mode” Footage

Activision has just released this latest video showing off Modern Warfare’s “Survivial Mode”.  The concept is self explanatory but I’ll tell you any way what it’s about since you’re too lazy to watch the vid.  You’re dropped in a map expected to last as long as you can.   OK, got it so far?  Good.  …

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Fast Draw Showdown, Gunfighters Welcome

Digital Leisure brings back the classic holster shooting game, Fast Draw Showdown.  Back in 1994, Fast Draw made it’s appearance in arcades and eventually to PC with Mad Dog McCree.  Considered a rail shooter you make your way in the Old West gunslinging those who challenge you. Fastest to draw and shot wins. Fast Draw …

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