Doris Roberts Performs Shoryuken In ‘Aliens In The Attic’ Trailer

Doris Roberts Shoryuken Aliens in the Attic

Doris Roberts, who most of us know as Raymond’s mother Marie Baron from Everybody Loves Raymond, isn’t a stranger to acting in movies that involve video games.  After beating Dante in a 1-on-1 video game match in Grandma’s Boy, she definitely earned some gaming street cred.  In her upcoming film, Aliens in the Attic, that gaming cred definitely goes up a couple of notches.

In the recently released trailer for the film, Doris’ character becomes controller by her grandchildren to battle another brain-controlled person.  Doris’ character blocks all of the incoming attacks and counter-attacks with a perfectly executed ‘Shoryuken’, which is a trademark attack for Ryu & Ken from the Street Fighter series.  Going another geek level higher, I believe that is Ken’s version of the Shoryuken as I believe his is the one that has the spinning motion.

ALIENS IN THE ATTIC: Movie TrailerFunny blooper videos are here

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