Fast Draw Showdown, Gunfighters Welcome

Digital Leisure brings back the classic holster shooting game, Fast Draw Showdown.  Back in 1994, Fast Draw made it’s appearance in arcades and eventually to PC with Mad Dog McCree.  Considered a rail shooter you make your way in the Old West gunslinging those who challenge you. Fastest to draw and shot wins. Fast Draw Showdown will be coming today (7/19/11) to the PSN with PS Move capabilities, making this game a must have.

Other exciting Fast Draw features for this PSN release include:

* 720p HD Remastered Video
* Online Leaderboards
* Exclusive Fast Draw PlayStation®Home Rewards
* Trophy Support
* PlayStation®Move Required
* All-New Scoring System

Fast Draw Showdown launches today in North America on the PlayStation Store! European release to follow this September.

Check out our review in a couple of days…

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