Japan’s Wacky Fit’s Gum Commercial and Dance Contest Imitator’s

How I love Japan and their wackiness. If you think Orbit gum commercials are silly in the United States , Lotte Fit’s gum commercial’s in Japan seriously trumps them. Not only do you have a hell of a catchy jingle, the commercials are filled with Japanese cuties, catchy tunes and dance moves. Not to mention chubby Japanese gals for those into that kind of thing. Well the Fit’s craze has taken Japan by storm with it’s dance contest participants! We have loli’s, kids, trios and and weirdos alike imitating the commercial. I have an array of samples for every taste! My favorite is the video where the man that actually pulls out the gum and chews it like the commercial, now that is attention to detail. To see my top faves click after the  jump and to see all of the  contestants click here. By the way the winner of the contest wins $10k plus a year’s worth of Fit’s gum! Sweet!

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4 responses to “Japan’s Wacky Fit’s Gum Commercial and Dance Contest Imitator’s”

  1. knight28 says:

    now that’s is some creativity for a commercial.You really won’t forget that product.

  2. knight28 says:

    the new videos are even better

  3. Morrigan says:

    The one with the horse head… scary…

  4. dejan says:

    i was already proceed one clip to my comunity on faceee

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