New Eminem Video Puts Guitar Hero In Controversy

Hip-Hop rapper Eminem released a new music video for his new single “We Made You”.  The video is a satirical look at how recent ‘celebrities’ have been represented in the media. The video and song lyrics poke fun of Sarah Palin, Jessica Simpson, and Amy Winehouse to name a few.

One thing I couldn’t help but notice is the widely known Guitar Hero track in the background as Eminem is rapping in the forefront during certain parts of the music video.  Clearly this is an indication that video games are as controversial as Eminem is in the public eye.  Either that, or Eminem really likes video games.

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  1. I understand that’s Eminem’s formula for putting out singles, but this one was pretty bad. So hopefully that just means the rest of the album is just off da hook. I did like the whole Elvis Jail house rock moments

  2. I agree with knight28, this song was garbage. Enimem isn’t entertaining and his videos are only slightly amusing, regardless of who/what he makes fun. Whatever rock he was under before this song, he should find it again and stay there.

  3. @darthmazza
    ouch, I actually liked the song. Reminded me of Eminem of old

  4. I disagree,I think the song is quite catchy and I love Eminem back to his silly old self! It is like going back to the Slim Shady days. Also did you forget the crack the bottle song.

  5. I didn’t forgot about that song either but I think his time is over. He was hugely popular and then disappeared. It’s going to take more than 2 catchy songs to regain his popularity, especially when the rap community has such gems like Soulja Boy and Flo Rida.

  6. @darthmazza
    Eminem always surprises people. I loved the Re-up. This song just really does nothing for me. When the album drops hopefully we’ll hear something better than this. I’m just disappointed with this particular song.

  7. @darthmazza
    Are you serious with calling Soulja Boy and Flo rida gems? Ha! Eminem is a creative musical genius, no way their dumb lyrics can compare to Eminem’s cman!

  8. @babylinda No, that’s called sarcasm. I really think they are flaming turds. I do agree that Eminem is very creative though, I just think he has a lot of make it from his absence and this song, while catchy, isn’t enough.

  9. @darthmazza Ahh, who can blame him. Eminem wanted a break from the spotlight and a little down time with his child. I honestly like the song and I know he will come back in no time, I mean who would have thunk Britney would ever come back being the car wreck she is!

  10. I highly doubt Eminem took a break because he wanted to. He was beginning to fade when he retired anyway. He probably realized that a smart move would be to lay low for a while and make a comeback. I also don’t think there was anything in the video indicating that games were contraversial. Just seemed like he was poking fun at the masses who want to be rock stars. I’m not a big fan of his current work and his past work was more or less just something that was unique. He needs a new recipe to continue into the future and this isn’t it. I was hoping he would re-define himself.

  11. @Kezins
    Will, seriously do you have to find something negative to EVERYTHING in this world and make everything controversial yourself! It is getting old dude really fast.

    You know BB’s title was satirical not literal and Eminem was not beginning to fade, the kid can come back whenever he wants like Michael Jackson! Well Michael perhaps has lost his glory , thanks to other things along with his music but Eminem in my opinion is one of the brightest and most creative rappers of our time. God forbid he makes a silly song again for once, not everything has to be so damn serious in life. Let’s poke fun of it sometimes. Shall we? As for you Will lighten up dude! You have to like something in life right? Something should bring you happiness somewhere?

  12. eminems albums are not intended to be catchy even tho he does put one or two catchy songs on each albums but they usually arent the best of the album.they are just what every one judges him by because they get played on the radio the rest is just to controversial to be played on the radio.there is no one else that can duplicate his style he doesnt just flow over the beat like most he goes with it and he doesnt just rhyme the ending of every line in a verse and he doesnt just go on about stupid dance moves like soulja boy like who wants to hear super man that ho or do the stinky leg? not someone who is interested in realy lyrics and artistry!those who hate are those who listen to music for catchy beats and lame catch lines and choruses like most Club hits.

  13. thats what i thought no on has the intellect to argue the fact that eminem is a lyrical genius there are few who can even be considered to be on the came level lyricaly as eminem one of which is Kanye! i know all you haters wont agree that kanye is great but id like to see you prove me wrong. and please dont mention some dumb ass like souljah boy or anyone that needs their producer in the back ground to sell his shit!

  14. I met Em once, he talked about his love for video games and cartoons. He said he loves South Park, and pictures himself as a slightly grown up version of the abusing Stan.

  15. @Click To Get Virus
    now dont go about arguing that he is just a useless bastard who writes senseless songs, you say u hav d cd, then can u also not appreciate the fact that few ppl can make the kinda powerful lyrics as him?
    u say its sick, but then, u need to appreciate them as songs, and precious pieces of literature nobody bothers to sing about. u dont need to b a eminem fan to understand the value of the bit he is contributing to world music.

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