Old School Sunday: Nick Arcade, Moving Mikey


Tell me you remember this show?  “Nick Arcade” was broadcasted from ’92 – ’93.  The over anxious host, Phil Moore asked questions to poorly dressed kids.  I was surprised to learn that while this show was based on arcade games, many of these questions were not video game related at all.   The show was popular to; a.) those who afforded cable, or b.) kids who knew they could control Mikey better than those idiots on Tv.


Many parts of the show still crack me up today such as the Magna Doodle as the official “betting board” and the unenthusiastic kids (were they hostages?).  Yup, Nickelodeon Arcade or “Nick Arcade” for short!  Two teams of contestants played two initial rounds, with the winner advancing to play against the “Video Game Wizard” of the day.  Catch the full episode below:

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