Olivia Munn Causes Heart Attacks In ‘Girl at the Video Game Store’ Music Video

Olivia Munn Girl at the Video Game Store Music Video

WARNING: If you have a severe heart condition, I recommend you have a friend watch this video and tell you about it as the amount of hotness in it can cause most men to fall over while gripping at their chest.

Attack of the Show hosts Olivia Munn & Kevin Pereira were recently included in Parry Grip’s music video for their song, The Girl at the Video Game Store.  In the music video, Olivia Munn is the focus of the song being the only hot girl, real or fake, to ever walk into a video game store.

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Readers Comments (2)

  1. this video is so awesome. didn’t know Kevin Periera could rock the drums like that.

  2. Olivia Munn is a tool used to drag in poor, pathetic, desperate “gamers” who already lowered themselves to watching G4.

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