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  1. I love when people use “computer” terms in everything they speak technical in.

    This kid is the epitome of online gamers…

    I never thought you could smell someone’s breathe through youtube, Thanks Pruane!

  2. Poor Pruane, if they only had braces that can fix those lips of his. This is a joke right? I thought that nerds like this were made up and only on tv and movies! Sad thing is he probably got thousands of make believe fake xbox friends because of this video and feels especial now!

  3. I like how bad ass and pissed he sounds in the last video, like Pruane grew up! Tear*

  4. I’ve been following Pruane for a while on youtube because he cracks me up. Anyway, the two most funny posts he’s done is the It’s My Birthday and I Hate SouljaBoy. Search for those two, they are his greatests.

  5. he’s bringing sexy back one day at a time

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