Star Wars Cantina Played On Something Never Played Before! A Harp!

When is the last time you really jammed on a harp? You can’t remember now can you! When is the last time you remember seeing a young boy play Star Wars Cantina on a harp? Never before till now! Not only is this boy a genius but you have to give credit to the page turner. What she does not get any love?

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Hello World, My name is Jennifer Safanova ! I am what you call a casual gamer but I have been playing video games since I was 4. My first console was Atari and I moved up to Snes and so on and so on. My 3 favorite games of all time have to be Super Mario World , Condemned and Halo 3! I am here to give a female perspective of the gaming, gadget and anime world. That being said I am a huge lover of Japanese culture and am a huge collector of anime, manga, figures, Japanese paintings, etc etc. I am also a gamer model and a huge comic book nerd! If you go to my link on myspace you can even see me cosplaying as Spiderwoman. I am happy go lucky, silly and have the heart of child. I am very friendly , have a great sense of humor and am very outgoing! So that is a little on me, I will try to keep you guys entertained as much as I possibly can and maybe open your eyes to some things you did not know of but happy you now do!

3 responses to “Star Wars Cantina Played On Something Never Played Before! A Harp!”

  1. jomocpa says:

    The harp should go on a list named, “Instruments That Will Get Your Child Beat Up in School if He Learns”. Seriously, I need to spend a few minutes on this topic. I have to admit, the kid is quite impressive, but who is he playing the harp for? His friends? Are they sitting on the couch next to him for encouragement? I think not. The boy has no friends. In fact, I question if his page turner is even one of his parents (probably a Nanny).

    Here’s a question: How does one transport a harp of that size. Seriously. Do they tie it to the top of the Dodge Caravan and drive it around? Is there a ginormous case for it lying around the house? Does the case have a big handle?

    This video should be sent to DYFS. The State should take over his care and place him in a boarding room with other kids whose parents taught them how to play the Accordion, Xylophone, (yes, more instruments that should be on the list!)

    Thanks for the video. Now if you don’t mind, I need to get back to my Kazoo lessons.

  2. babylinda says:

    I agree whole wholeheartedly with everything you just said. I wanted to learn to play the violin when I was younger though but my parents were the exact opposite of the harp player they were to cheap to pay for any classes for me! Though I do admire the sound of any string instrument still until this day.

  3. Qrey-zee says:

    Funny! The truth is the only strings jomocpa plays with are his kids shoe strings.

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