The Ideal Death Note American Remake Cast

As we all know by now, Zack Efron has been cast to play the role of Light Yagami in the American remake of Death Note but one you tube user has her own star filled cast in mind. I am not giving it away but I highly agree with the actor that was chosen for the role of L even though he may look a little older , I can not think of a a better talented actor with such a striking resemblance and personality to L. Also the star the youtube user has chosen for the part of Misa is pretty spot on as well, I can see it even though she is not my favorite actress in the world. Well enjoy and let me know of your thoughts on who should be cast in the remake!


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  1. levi says:

    A lot of you guys have bad taste when it comes to choosing who to play Light Yagami ,Ryiuk ,Miss Amend, and L.This is not an opinion it is a fact that you guys at are ducking stupid for the actors you pick.

    Light Yagami=Dane Dehaan
    Not only does Dane Dehann resemble Light he also has that crazy face.

    L =Richard Harmon.
    He resembles L a lot .

    Ryiuk= Johnny Depp
    Johnny Depp is good at acting strange characters.

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