What Would Happen If The Mario Bros. Really Weren’t Bros. At All?

NSFW: It gets a little risque

Oh, my beloved Mario Bros., we all grew up and looked up to you guys, even now and day we do. Many a kid aspired to be a fat or skinny Italian plumber from Brooklyn when they grew up. Not just any Italian plumber but one that can shoot fireballs, turn into a raccoon, get super sized and ride a Yoshi, as all plumbers do. So why, my dear Lord why do I have to see the Mario Bros. in this light! Parents avert your children’s eyes with this one it is going to be a wild ride as you find out , the horrible truth of the Bros. not being Bros. at all and what happens after they find this out after a blood results test.


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Hello World, My name is Jennifer Safanova ! I am what you call a casual gamer but I have been playing video games since I was 4. My first console was Atari and I moved up to Snes and so on and so on. My 3 favorite games of all time have to be Super Mario World , Condemned and Halo 3! I am here to give a female perspective of the gaming, gadget and anime world. That being said I am a huge lover of Japanese culture and am a huge collector of anime, manga, figures, Japanese paintings, etc etc. I am also a gamer model and a huge comic book nerd! If you go to my link on myspace you can even see me cosplaying as Spiderwoman. I am happy go lucky, silly and have the heart of child. I am very friendly , have a great sense of humor and am very outgoing! So that is a little on me, I will try to keep you guys entertained as much as I possibly can and maybe open your eyes to some things you did not know of but happy you now do!

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  1. Jennifer, in this world there’s two things that NEVER will be accepted. 1. Somali Pirates over for Thanksgiving.
    2. Men Kissing!!!

    This video should have been NSFPS (Not Safe For PerezStart) Yuck!

  2. @mrjuandrful
    Haha don’t you love controversy!

  3. @mrjuandrful
    To be honest I think it was just their mustaches rubbing together!

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