3-Meter Cubed Spaced Home! Take It Wherever You Go!

Paco by Jo Nagasaka 3 Meter Cubed Spaced Home! Take It Wherever You Go!

Who needs a flashy 9,000 square foot home when you can have a a 30 square foot home, when you can take it wherever you go and live the good life! That is right, this tiny mobile home has a Japanese-style recessed desk, a sink, toilet and shower. It is coined the Paco home, any relation to Pac-Man perhaps?

This portable work of art is brought to us by Japanese architect, Jo Nagasaka and the Schemata Architecture Office. I would think this would be handy on road trips to Key West or a fun day at the beach when you do not want to use the ocean as  your toilet!  I think it would be  a good idea for late nights at the office and in the medical field as well. All you have to do is hook it up to a source of water!  More pics after the jump along with some man booty! Just a warning!


The hammock is scary, how far up is that?

pixel 3 Meter Cubed Spaced Home! Take It Wherever You Go!


  1. mrjuandrful

    You gross me out more and more each day. Thank You

  2. babylinda

    Whaaa, I warned you!

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