Have Clogged Pores? Never Fear The Magical Spot Stick Is Here!


Throw your Biore strips away, why there is no use for them now! Who needs a strip when you have a handy dandy metal stick! Yes, a metal stick with a hoop to scrape all you blackheads and zits away! Ok, Japan, you may have sold me with your device that makes your nose smaller and the other that makes your feet smaller but not this time! Oh, no siree bob! I am sticking to my Biore strips and any scraping will be done by my cosmetologist, thank you very much! Ouch, that looks like it hurts! If you have tried Proactiv and all the dozes pimple zappers out there and must try something new, what the heck try this one! It costs only $9.80 and can be found on jbox.com

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  1. this device has been around since the dawn of time…you can get it at most drug stores I can’t remember its name…the dermatologist uses it ….I do not recommend using it unless u know what you are doing unless you want to scar and bruise up your face…the reason I know is I went out and bought one once and let my ocd get the best of me and went around for days with red and purple spots all over my face…..user beware….lol

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