Japanese Company Creates Fart Absorbing Underwear!

normal farting20yoshi01 Japanese Company Creates Fart Absorbing Underwear!

Yea, you heard me right! The time has finally come when you can fart all you want after a breakfast burrito on a bus and not get weird looks from your passenger friends. If you are a girl you are usually in luck because they will never suspect you.

The men’s boxers look pretty standard but if you are a woman you have to stick to wearing granny panties if you want your farts not to stink sort of speak. It does make sense because how would it work with a thong?

The company Seiren devolped these series of special deodorizing undershorts called Inoidore Shukan Shoshu which can reduce odor by 80 percent in 30 seconds. It is made of a special textile that contains ceramic particles and metallic ions with fibers, which helps absorb stink particles.

So If you want to get your fart on, you can order them right over here for the hefty price of  4,800 yen each. Money should not matter though if you want to save your self embarassment. So eat your favorite bean soup, broccoli or cabbage, we won’t tell!


pixel Japanese Company Creates Fart Absorbing Underwear!


  1. Julia

    Rip-offs! Americans pioneered the fart-absorbent underwear field back in 2001, with Under-Ease.


  2. babylinda

    Hey! how do you know about these Julia? hmmmm? Haha, I kid I kid but thanks for the info the Gas Eaters from under-ease looks rather appealing! haha

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