Male Virgins Move To Japan! Women Go Crazy For Virgins There!


Gyao Trends conducted a survey that covered 2,000 Japanese women in their 20s and 30s. A survey to find out on how Japanese women felt about male virgins and if they would give them the time of day! 80% of the women claim not to mind virgin men, and 20% are in fact the female equivalent of virgin-hunters but age may play a factor in that. Basically they want to rob the cradle as many a cougar in the U.S. would do over their 20s.

This is great new gaming and anime nerds, catch your first flight to Japan this instant and you just may get lucky! Please I beg of you at least take a shower and shave! Just do that much! Survey Results after the jump!

What would you think if you found out that the man you like is a virgin?

1. I wouldn’t think anything of it (64%)

If he’s younger it’s not impossible, and if he’s shy then it’s not impossible either…
If I like him then it’s no concern.
Isn’t it better to have had fewer partners?
People all have their particular circumstances.
Totally preferable to some lady’s man!
I think I’d like him even more because of something like that.
Everyone was a virgin to start with.
It looks a little cute.
My current boyfriend was a virgin!
It doesn’t really matter, but I’d be a bit tense.
If he were 30 I’d be put off but…
If it’s love, it doesn’t matter…

2. I’d love such a man! (9%)

I’ll dye him my colour.
I’d be delighted!!!!
It’s better if he’s not used to it.
I’d want to teach him all sorts of things.
I’d love to hear that.
I’d have my way with him.
That’d be quite reassuring.
That’s clean, isn’t it?
I think that’s pure.
Cute. It’s a bit gross if he’s older though.
It’d be off-putting, but ok as only I’d know.

3. I’ll take the lead! (8%)

Only I’d know it so I’d actually be rather pleased…
Sounds interesting.
It’s easy to point out the “mistakes” learnt from AV…
The first time is a first for everyone, so it’s ok for the woman to take the lead, surely.

4. I’d be pretty put off! (5%)

5. I’d have to discuss the matter with friends… (4%)

6. I’d encourage him. (4%)

7. I’d break up with him. (1%)

It depends on age, but I don’t like younger men so it’s impossible.
It’s well… Right?
I’m a masochist so if he can’t have his way with me it’s problem.
Honestly? I’d drop him.
I’d dump him on the spot.
I’d be upset, and not really sure about what to do.
If he can’t take the lead…
I wouldn’t know what to do…
I wouldn’t hate him but I’d be surprised.
Virgins are absolutely disgusting.
Well, it’s the age, isn’t it?

Other comments:

Hmm, if it doesn’t happen to me I can’t tell.
If we’re both virgins, isn’t that good?
I’d be surprised, but neither happy nor put out.
It depends on age, if he were over 30 or something I’d certainly be surprised…
I can understand it if he were in his teens, but it’s pretty bad if he’s in his twenties…
It all depends on age.


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  1. Puta Madre says:

    I wanna go to Japan for sight seeing and travelling. Maybe, i’ll get a down to earth girlfriend i am lucky. I’m

  2. Puta Madre says:

    O dang i didn’t edit my last comment…fwack!
    “if i am lucky.”

  3. South Africa says:

    Wow!! To get a man that isnt leftovers from other women!! If i can get a virgin man from 46 to 50 i will marry him in an instant!! Please come to South Africa!!!

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