Sexy K-POP Group Girl’s Generation and Their Wacky Imitators!


Move over PussyCat Dolls, Girl’s Generation has come to town, not only are they adorable and amazing dancers, they are easily replaceable like you girls also! Girl’s Generation is hitting it big in the East and Asia with their song “Gee”! So much so that they are imitators are from all parts of the world with their own remakes to the song and dance. Could it be the next Macarena or Numa Numa dance? I guess we will have to watch and see. First Check out their video “Gee” and after the jump check out all the Gee golly impersonators! Some of the impersonators are very sexy with their dance skills, others very talented, and others not so much! This song is pretty catchy, you are warned!

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2 responses to “Sexy K-POP Group Girl’s Generation and Their Wacky Imitators!”

  1. Daniel Perez says:

    NOOOO!!! Why did you put that song in my head?! Now I have to listen to it more!

    My favorite of the remixes were the guy by the lockers because he was pretty much spot on with his dancing and the basketball one because you gotta respect athletes who don’t think they’re gods and can show their J-POP loving side during a break in a game.

  2. babylinda says:

    @Daniel Perez
    I know, I cannot believe I never heard this song before! I am going to learn the dance steps, just you watch and I am getting a group of my friends and making our own video happen. As the basketball players I concur, the guy by the lockers had a lot of editing. Do you think he was really going that fast?

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