Taxi Cab Confessions: Japanese Style!

rio Taxi Cab Confessions: Japanese Style!

I am sure you all have heard of taxi cab confessions in the U.S. , a show where a taxi cabĀ  driver picks up random passengers. Later then these passengers “open up” to the taxi driver and share their most intimate moments and experiences. Perhaps they are too drunk or it is written in the script, who knows. Well the weirdest of the weird is usually picked up but you will never see a Japanese Idol! That is only if you are in Japan will you usually see one, unless you are at an Idol show in the U.S.! This lucky cab driver picked up this half naked Rio Natsume on the streets of Japan. I think know we can see if us girls dressed like this we would get a cab lickety split! Videos of the taxi cab ride and another of Ms. Natsume doing her idol thing after the jump! Enjoy!


pixel Taxi Cab Confessions: Japanese Style!


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  1. Daniel Perez

    Reason #421 of why I should move to Japan: What they consider entertainment far outweighs what we consider entertaining. I’d rather see this on morning TV than another segment on ‘The Snuggie”

  2. mrjuandrful

    Wow, who needs coffee? This woke me right up!

  3. mzitt11

    For some reason I want to punch this girl…

  4. mrjuandrful

    Me too, right in the pillows

  5. mperez19

    No in the faacee…(Nacho Libre)

  6. babylinda

    I want to know why she never wears top that fit her entire boobies!

  7. Daniel Perez

    No such top exists to cover those mammoth mammaries.

  8. babylinda

    That is not true, that heffer gamer girl wore a 44hhh or something

  9. Daniel Perez

    Thanks for clarifying and being the ray of truth once again.

  10. babylinda

    @Daniel Perez
    I knew you would say that, haha

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