PS3 Game Data Install List, Optional or Required Games listed

Metal Gear Solid 4 Game Data Install

PlayStation 3 owners have the luxury of upgrading their hard drives.  But with more data storage built into a Blu-ray disc, you shouldn’t need to monitor your hard disk space, right?  Wrong!  The list of games that require game data to be installed are piling up. 

Metal Gear Solid 4 tops the list for me of install time but an entertaining time at that.  Fancied with informational yet capturing images made it memorable.  Oblivion Game of the Year and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue round out the top in storage space.  Some optional install, are just that but most feel it’s best to just do it and get it over with.  Here’s the list of games currently asking to be installed on your PS3 HDD for performance enhancements or just for plain old “updates”.

Assassin’s Creed——–(Required) 1.3Gb
Alone in the Dark – Inferno (Required) 3.78GB
Burnout Paradise——–(Required) 0.4GB
Battlefield BC————(Required) 0.4GB
BioShock—————–(Required) 5.0 GB
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII (unknown) 2.00 GB
Brothers in Arms: Hell’s Highway-(required) 2 GB
Civilization Revolution (Required) 0.65GB
Conflict: Denied Ops —-(unknown) 2.60 GB
Call of Duty 3 ————(unknown) 0.60 GB
Conan——————–(req uired) 0.67 GB
Cross Edge—————(optional) 4.42 GB
Devil May Cry 4——–(Required) 4.83 GB
Dark Sector ————(Required) 1.2 GB
Dynasty Warriors 6—–(Optional) 1.86GB
Eye of Judgement———(Required) 1.9GB
Enemy Territory: Quake Wars (required) 4.2 GB
Fallout 3——————-(required) 5.0 GB
Far Cry 2——————(required) 3.5 GB
Fight Night Round 4 ——-(required) 1.3 GB
Folklore——————-(Optional) 1.04GB
Fear ———————–(Required) 2.5GB
Full Auto 2—————(Optional) 1.7 GB
Fracture —————–(required) 2 GB
GTA IV——————-(Required ) 3.3 GB
GT5 Prologue———–(Required) 5.24GB
Genji: Days of Blade—(Optional) 2.14GB
Ghostbusters ———–(Required) 4.0 GB
Haze ——————–(Required) 3.82 GB
Hawx ———————(required ) 4GB
Hot Shots Golf 5 – ——(Required) 3.61Gb
Heavenly Sword——–(Required) 2.1GB
Infamous —————-(required) 1.3 GB
Little Big Planet———-(required) 0.6 GB
Legendary—————-(req uired) 4.5 GB
Lost Planet: Extreme Condition-(required) 4.9 GB
Lost: Via Domus ——–(required) 3.00 GB
Medal Of Honor:Airborne-(Required) 1.95 GB
Mercenaries 2: World in Flames (required) 2.7 GB
Mirror’s Edge —————–(required) 0.55 GB
MLB The Show 09 ————(required) 2.5 GB
Mobile suit gundam: crossfire–(optional) 4.2GB
Mortal Kombat VS DC——-(required) 1.1 GB
MLB 08 The Show——–(required) 2GB
Metal Gear Solid 4——–(required) 4.0GB +(optional) 1.1GB for MG online
Ninja Gaiden Sigma—–(Optional) 3.3Gb
Nascar 09——————(required) 0.13GB
NBA 09 The Inside ——–(required) 2.8 GB
Need for Speed Undercover (Required) 1.0 GB
Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm-(Required) 4.0 GB
Oblivion——————— (Required) 4.6GB
Orange Box —————-(Required) 0.6GB
Oblivion GOTY————–(Required) 5+GB
Overload Raising Hell—-(required) 3.33 GB
Prototype —————–(required) 0.65 GB
Ratchet & Clank Future-(Required) 0.42GB
Resistance: Fall of Man–(Required) 0.22GB
Resistance 2—————(required) 0.4 GB
Rainbow Six Vegas 2——(required) 3.00GB
Ridge Racer 7 ————-(Optional) 5GB
Saints Row 2 ————–(required) 3.8 GB
Spiderman 3—————(Required) 2.6Gb
Skate ———————– (required) 2.6 GB
Shaun White Snowboarding (Required) 1.0 GB
Splinter Cell Double Agent (unknown) 0.86 GB
Soul Calibur IV————-(required) 2.6GB
Spider-Man: Web of Shadows-(required) 2.0 GB
Star Wars: The Force Unleashed-(required) 2.7 GB
Street Fighter IV—————(required) 2.10 GB
Socom Confrontation ——-(required) 2.7 GB
Time Crisis 4—————(Optional) 2.45GB
TNA Impact!—————-(requir ed) 4.75 GB
Top Spin 3——————(Required) 3.6 GB
Timeshift —————(required) 1.02 GB
Turning Point: Fall of Liberty (required) 2.52 GB
The Bourne Conspiracy—(required) 4.7 GB
Tom Clancy’s End War —-(required)5 GB
Unreal Tournament 3 -(Optional) 2.4GB
Valkyria Chronicles—–(Optional) 3.3 GB
Virtua Fighter 5——–(Optional) 2.34GB
Virtua Tennis 3———-(Optional) 3.40GB
Vampire Rain: Altered Species (unknown) 3.8 GB
Warhawk w/boosters-(Required) 1.1 GB
Warhawk w/o boosters(Required) 1.25GB
WWE Smackdown! vs. Raw 2008 (required) 2.4 GB
WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2009 (required) 3.2 GB
Yakuza 3—————–(optional) 5GB

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  1. Got about 10 games on my ps3. Got about 50gb with big demos left. I dont buy games that often but im hoping they wont make too many games have big installations.
    Fallout 3 is top of my list followed by CODWAW with map packs I think. Then its Infamous.
    What happened to the 8mb memory card LOL

  2. I got about 4 of this games but it helpes alot

  3. it is vey helpful

  4. I really enjoyed this great info, thank you so much!

  5. wow thank you so much keepit up!

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